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A Few Lesser Known Top Inspirational Quotes
Inspiration is something we all use to create, and to push us to continue on in tasks that may have become boring or tedious to us.  Quotes from those that came before, whether spoken in times of trouble or times of plenty can inspire us to begin or complete the things we desire. Cont… [ Read More ]
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A Few of Einstein's Most Poignant Quotes
Albert Einstein was a man who shaped a great deal of the 20th and 21st centuries. As the physicist who described elegant solutions to physicsÂ’ greatest problems of his time, he will forever be remembered as a genius who started a mathematical revolution in our understanding of the universe… [ Read More ]
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Top Political Quotes
It seems like there is always some important election right around the corner. Politicians are, almost as a universal rule, always campaigning, whether in or out of office. At the same time, what our leaders have said in times of crisis, or in times of fair weather, has affected our cultur… [ Read More ]
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