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A good laugh can totally change even the sourest of pusses. It sends endorphins through the entire body, relaxing and de-stressing us as we let go a hardy laugh at something someone else said or did. And though it may be hard to find someone willing to take a pie in the face on a moment's notice, you certainly won't have any problem finding humorous quotes that will leave you rolling in the aisles, shedding tears and doubling over with laughter. Quotes that are humorous have been penned by all the most famous humorists and comics as well as plenty of luminaries. There's a humorous quote for any situation imaginable, from those that are very appropriate to the highly inappropriate. Humor quotes lift us up, make us laugh and just for a moment, take life a little less seriously. Definition of Humorous
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Humorous Quotes on being an Employee
Humorous quotes on being an employee... Humility is a virtue that can be rare in the workplace, especially when you have to show your worth to get promoted. You may need to brag about it to your boss to move up. Modesty often has no room in the workplace. Though in many instances, it can b… [ Read More ]
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