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Everyone has a different definition it seems of what a friend is. One person's friend can be another's acquaintance and no one is really sure just what cements a lifelong friendship or tears a seemingly good friendship apart at the seams. Oh sure, there's the confusing friendship quote, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” But do you really want needy friends and is a one sided relationship like that really a friendship? Friendship quotes help us see the light, exploring what it is to be a true friend, and what true friendship means. No one can have too many friends in this world, that's for sure, and quotes about friendship can help us understand how rare a good friendship is, and how important it is to hang on to one for dear life when you find it. Definition of Friendship
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The only way to have a friend is...
Friendship quotes and sayings... Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke about friendship perfectly when he said that, "the only way to have a friend is to be one." At times we go through life and we get depressed, we get sad and we wonder why we have no really good friends. We see the friendships portra… [ Read More ]
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