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Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Ben Franklin didn't have any formal education beyond the age of 10, but went on to become a famous inventor, statesman, author, businessman and scientist. He played a crucial role in the first Continental Congress where the Declaration of Independence was framed, helping Thomas Jefferson edit the many drafts that went before the assembled body for consideration and eventual adoption. During his distinguished career, he also served as the United States' first Postmaster General and was a Minister to the French Court. Of course, he also published Poor Richard's Almanac, which became an instant bestseller. He died in 1790 at the age of 84.

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Benjamin Franklin Born: January 17, 1706, Boston; Died: April 17, 1790, Philadelphia As one of the most quoted men in American history, I wonder how often we quote Benjamin Franklin and don't even know it. Ben Franklin dropped out of school at age ten and went on to become one of the fo… [ Read More ]
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