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Don't Wait Till It's too Late!

Posted by Alicia Haynes
Show your mom appreciation today - Mother's Day this Sunday.

William Dean Howells wrote about how we will never see how much our mothers mean to us, until it is too late for us to show it to her, and as we know, in this world that we live every person has a busy life. It does not matter what they do for a living, if they are a student, a writer, a teacher, a business person, or even someone who is retired, every person is leading such a busy life that they are always having a hard time cramming everything that they want to do in their day. So, of course some things that are important to us will not always fit into our day, it might be that we forget, or that we are so distracted by work, recreation or taking care of our immediate family. Often though, our parents are looked over in our adult lives, especially if you do not live near them.

This is a quote that is so true, but also sad, because our mothers have been the ones to raise us, to make sure that we grew up to be functioning adults. She spent so many tireless nights nursing us back to health after we were sick in the night or afraid of the dark or from a nightmare. We often forget all of these things from when we were little kids, and of course we are busy, so it is hard to remember to say thank you. The truth is however, that life is not easy to predict, bad things happen to good people all of the time. So, how can you say that your mom will be around forever? You need to tell her right away, today even, that you love her. Tell her about how you still remember when you were a little kid and she helped you build a fort in the living room, or that time that she helped you to create a glow in the dark stick to run around in the dark yard outside the house.

One of the most tragic moments in life is when we get a missed chance. It is hard enough when we have one of those movie situations, where we think we found the love of our life. We just met them of course, or we met each other's eyes from across the room. The moment came to say hello, to ask for their number, and then it just passed. We never took the chance to put ourselves out there and the moment for that was gone. It is far more tragic when we do this to someone that we love.

It is not something that we mean to do, far from that. We want to tell our mom that we love her, that she means everything to us, and we would not be who we are without her influence on our life. So, what happens if we never tell her all of this? Well, we should never let that happen. Call your Mom right now! Go to this Article

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